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Deaton’s Construction Co.

I am independent contractor serving the Lynchburg and surrounding areas of Central Va. I have over 17 years experience in the Building industry. I am a one stop shop. Me and my team personally do anywhere from 75-100% of the work in-house. I use a very small sub-contractor database. That's important to a lot of homeowners. You know who is coming to your house on a daily basis.

I provide expert quality at an affordable price with an excellent relationship with my clients. That's why I have homeowners call back year after year for all there project needs. I don't go into an opportunity with the owner to be a one time customer, I go into an opportunity to be a lifetime provider and friend. I have an endless list of references that can be gotten if requested. Otherwise, feel free to call my cell phone at 434-941-8567 for further information.


David Deaton

Deaton's Construction Co.

Lynchburg, VA

Phone: 434-941-8567